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Liquidation Support Company Now Identifies Closed Businesses For Liquidators

A liquidation support company is now using their skills to help liquidation companies identify restaurants and other businesses that are going out of business.

Richter Media Inc. (RMI), a business that supports liquidation organizations in a number of ways, has developed a process for locating restaurants and other businesses that are closing.

“Our goal is to identify restaurants and other businesses that are closing, so liquidation companies in their areas can be matched with those closing businesses, so the closing businesses can maximize their liquidation dollars,” RMI told RestaurantClosures.com. “When a liquidation company contacts us to help them, we are able to set them up with regional closure alerts and provide them with valuable information month after month."

RMI's team sends emails to liquidation companies with information about  businesses that are closing. That information includes the name and address of the business, and can include the names of the owners, contact phone numbers and other details that can help them help the business owners liquidate their equipment and tools to maximize their income. The team also offers to send text messages to liquidators that include closure information, as an extra option.

“It’s an exciting development in the liquidation community,” RMI said. “It can truly be a life changer for both one-man liquidation organizations and to supplement any liquidation sales team, to help them find new opportunities to help businesses that are in the process of closing or that have closed."

This new business closure identification system is part of a larger project for RMI whose team for the past 14 years has been helping more than 100 liquidation companies to consistently maximize profits using Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and Internet Algorithm Marketing on Facebook, Instagram and Google. Their efforts have brought in millions of dollars in profits for liquidation businesses and for restaurants and other businesses that have equipment and tools to sell.

“We feel as though helping pair liquidation businesses with information about restaurants and other businesses that may have equipment and tools to liquidate is another way we can help these organizations maximize profits,” RMI said.

If you need information on businesses that are closing sent to you, you may sign up for that service at BusinessClosures.com

RMI is based in Ohio, and their team is located regionally across the United States.


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